The Spirits & Spirituality of ISRAEL Tour
Tentative Itinerary

Day 1: Monday, February 24
Departing Newark International Airport

Day 2: Tuesday, Feb 25 Arrival
At airport, meet tour-guide Malka. Change money. Be greeted with blood red Pomegranate juice. Board coach. Orientation.
First site visited: Shivta ancient ruins
Nabatean Civilization an elusive nation. Where are they now?? Nabataea: Where are they now??
Lunch at Masada!
Masada (by cable car)- 900 missing victims Masada Mysteries: What do we know about the bones?
Valley of dry bones Reviving Dry Bones
Float in the dead sea before drive to lodgings - Ein Gedi
Dinner & Tour the botanical gardens- see the newly-rediscovered mystery plant which causes villages to be
cursed and queens to act wantonly Read about how it drove men crazy
Conk out!: Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel

Day 3: Wednesday, Feb 26
Ein Gedi - eternal curse if the secret is revealed
Qumran Ancient scrolls and extinct sects

Elijah never dies: taken away by chariot of fire
St. Gerasimos including room of skulls in the monastery
Gilgal Argamon with the Footprint made of stone
Beit Shean Ancient Roma City frozen in time in the Galillee
Group Dinner at DECKS Restaurant (unique concept eatery on the water)
Haunted House on promenade
Story about the beheading of John the Baptist
NORTH: Country lodgings at the gorgeous Europa Hotel in Tiberias

Day 4: Thursday, Feb 27
Rujum el-Hiri - Stonehenge of the Middle East!
In Arabic it is called Rujm el-Hiri, meaning the "stone heap of the wild cat." The mysterious stone monument in Golan Heights is almost as old as the Stonehenge.
Banias: entrance/Gates to HADES!
Picnic or group Lunch
Tzfat city in the sky and land of mysticism: Kabbalists, Dybbuks, Amulets
Beheading of John the Baptist
Dinner at Hotel: Europa, Tiberias

Day 5: Friday, Feb 28
Tel Yizrael: Major Biblical City including Queen jezebel- wicked wife and horrible ending. Also
the Son of the widow Shunamite resurrected in the land 517 meters above Sea Level: Givat Moreh
Jezreel valley- soil soaked in bloodshed, where the Witch of En Dor conjurs the spirit of the prophet Samuel
Ba’alat Ha’ov (the Witch) of Ein Dor : (Some) Villains of Tanakh
Bet Shearim Necropolis
2000 year old-underground City of the Dead: brought from world over
to be interred in magnificent stone coffins in huge caves. Visit the underground catacombs.
Bet Shearim National Park
Jerusalem: first view from Mount Scopus Mount of the Watchmen/Sentinels
Machaneh Yehudah Shuk: Lunch & Stories to lose your appetite to!
With a possible visit to the EVIL EYE- REMOVER LADY
Hotel check-in and freshen-up
Arrival of the Shabbat Bride
Jerusalem Walking tour including outside the old city walls, bombing of the british headquarters, the YMCA bell tower overview, more. Learn about
learn about: Herod's family tomb, Cursed flour mill, cursed carriage, the last Nazi in Israel. Also walk along the deserted shopping mall.
Iconic Windmill to resume Daily Grind
Dinner at Armenian Restaurant in the Armenian quarter: on Mount Arrarat Street with commemoration of Noah's Ark

Day 6: Saturday, Feb 29
Rockfeller Museum - Frozen in time - Ancient olive trees
Zedekia's Cave: Lost Treasures of the Temple hidden inside

US Treasure Hunter Arrested After Spending A Night In Jerusalem Cave
Lodge Meeting in Solomon’s Quarries, Jerusalem
Via Dolorosa - the "Way of Sorrows" the path Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion - first martyr stoned - lions gate
Where Jesus' fate was sealed and Herod's Wife sealed in honey
Bloody Reign of King Herod
Mount Zion and David's Tomb
Valley of Hell: Gai Ben Hinom - site where parents sacrificed their children, Crusader period and mass grave: final resting place of pilgrims
Washington Post : Hell On Earth
Arab Shuk - Market Place "shopportunity"
Russian compound: GHOSTS! In Search of GHOSTS
Dinner at Ben Yehudah pedestrian mall-fair
After dinner: Crazy Mary Haunted House! Not optional.
All will be terrified, most may survive….

Day 7: Sunday, March 1
Mount of olives - Princess Tomb, Prophets Burial Cave, Queen of Jerusalem Missing Tomb
Kidron Valley - Jehosophat Valley: the valleys of darkness surrounding Jerusalem: site of the tomb-cave,
boiling blood, the rebellious son punished and more. Learn about the cursed and curses.
The Blood is Still Seething : A Message for Tish’a B’Av 5771
Meet with the freemasons of Jerusalem
Hanson Leper Hospital - did killer Armadillos cause the outbreak?
Spotlight on Leprosy: Two Thousand Years of Solitude
Lunch in the Outcast Leper Home
Bible Lands Museum & the Corn Mummy
Tel Aviv! Check into hotel, costume up, then farewell party!
Masquerade Ball/Farewell Party at the NOOR Castle, a 300-year-old Stone Mansion in the heart of Old Jaffa
Tel Aviv Hotel accommodations at this quirky and artsy market house in the flea market of Old Jaffa

Day 8: Monday, March 2
Old Acco/Akko (or Acre) - the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world, dating back to the time of the Pharaoh Thutmose III, including Hercules, Knights Hall, Templar Tunnel and Prison

Atlit: the real Atlantis!
Old Jaffa Revival of Dead
Drive to airport - departure that night/following morning

Day 9: Tuesday, March 3
Return home

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