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Welcome to Club Kosher's Glatt Kosher Pesach Vacation, presented in conjunction with KOSHER LUXUS, with sumptuous gourmet cuisine prepared by the Red Heifer Cafe under strict Rabbinical Supervision. Expect the finest Glatt international cuisine, authentic local specialties, as well as traditional favorites.

Hosted by Elan Kornblum, Club Kosher provides the fun, excitement and adventure of a luxurious Caribbean tropical resort for the same low price as a traditional vacation. At ClubKosher, we work very hard to make your vacation the very best at the lowest possible rates.


There's more to a Club Kosher Pesach experience than creating and ensuring a thoroughly memorable stay...there's also a vision that for the last 15 years has evidenced itself in the tangibles and subtle intangibles. A vision that combines a carefully crafted level of care and attention to result in a unique "vibe" that's equal parts Inspired and Welcome.

Inspired - as in the myriad of elements that will make for wonderfully warm memories. Prepare for a "welcome" that's about making you feel at home and making you feel like family. Because we welcome you to the club: Club Kosher.